Introductory Flyball Classes

Our free “introduction to flyball” sessions are offered at 1909 Lake Drive in Charlotte, NC from 9am-12pm on Saturday’s when its not a tournament weekend for the club.  Call Dennis at 980-722-4694 for available times.

"Dash" FDCh-G

“Dash” Poston – ONYX (20,000 pts.)

During these introductory sessions, we’ll introduce one or two basic skills, and see if flyball may be a good fit for you and your dog.

What we look for:

• the ability to be handled by others

• an interest in playing the sport

• no apparent dog/dog or dog/people aggression

• Some self-confidence and a rudimentary recall

If you like the introductory class and want flyball training for you and your dog ask any team member how to get started.  The training is free!