Introductory Flyball Classes

Our free “introduction to flyball” sessions are offered at 1909 Lake Drive in Charlotte, NC from 9am-12pm on Saturday’s when its not a tournament weekend for the club.  Call Dennis at 980-722-4694 for available times.

"Dash" FDCh-G

“Dash” Poston – ONYX (20,000 pts.)

During these introductory sessions, we’ll introduce one or two basic skills, and see if flyball may be a good fit for you and your dog.

What we look for:

• the ability to be handled by others

• an interest in playing the sport

• no apparent dog/dog or dog/people aggression

• Some self-confidence and a rudimentary recall

If you like the introductory class and want flyball training for you and your dog ask any team member how to get started.  The training is free!




DDD Flyball High

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Staged in July the Double Dog Dare flyball tournament is always a great weekend of flyball racing at the newly remodeled Classic Center in downtown Athens, Ga.